[ Club Info ]

Welcome to the CitCatClub.

We are an NFT club utilising blockchains such as the Songbird Network, the Flare Network and the XRP Ledger. 

We manufacture various collections of digital collectibles.

Through ownership of one of our digital assets, you become a member of our club and receive exclusive benefits ranging from DeFi rewards to whitelist spots, airdrops and more.

Our first collection, CitCatClub OG c3, consists of 4320 NFTs and is SOLD OUT.

Secondary market on sparklesnft.com

Chapter 2 will be on Flare.

Have a Mint, have a CitCat.


[ Roadmap ]

Mint CitCatClub OG c3  LIVE

Launch CitCatCaterer LIVE

3. Snapshot* CitCatCharacter  Soon

3. Airdrop* CitCatCharacter Soon

“Staking” CitCatCharacter Soon

Launch Token c3-furency Soon

Mint Yuniverse x CitCatClub TBA

Mint Timefungus x CitCatClub TBA

Mint 2. Collection on Flare TBA 

* The snapshots and airdops will take place at intervals.

This roadmap is subject to change.

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