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Below you will find information about the network and the crypto space as a whole.

NFT stands for non-fungible token.

Very simply put, it is a unique token, the uniqueness distinguishes it from common cryptocurrencies, which resides on the blockchain.

A digital proof of ownership, not just a .jpeg.

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Songbird is the Canary Network for Flare.

A canary network is similar to a testnet, with the significant difference that it operates with real value.

All mechanisms and features for Flare are tested on Songbird.

The native token of Songbird is $SGB.

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Flare is a new blockchain built to connect everything.

It enables non-smart-contract tokens, such as BTC, XRP, DOGE and others, to participate in DeFi on Flare by bridging to other Chains.

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We chose Songbird because it’s fast, the gas fees are negligible and it already has a great community.

A fantastic space to start our journey.

To be able to interact with the Songbird Network, you need a wallet that supports it.

Bifrost, D’cent and MetaMask are the most common wallets.

Each of these three wallets offers a mobile phone-app that can be downloaded from the well-known stores.

To learn how to set up such an app, click here (Bifrost), here (D’cent) and here (MetaMask).




If you encounter problems or have further questions, you can join our community.

We will be happy to help you to the best of our knowledge.

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