[ Collabs ]

The Flare Network is a new blockchain built to connect everything.

We aim for the same goal, we want to connect with different projects on different blockchains.

Over time, we have been able to collab with various projects on Songbird as well as beyond.

We would like to introduce them to you below.

We are very proud to say that our first art collab will be with an XRPL project – none other than the Yoniverse.

With Yoniverse, it is all in the name. They create a whole universe of art, including seven NFT collections, music, comics and much more. 

Well over 50 artists are active in the Yoniverse. We highly suggest to click here to learn more about it.

The Yoniverse is also committed to charity projects and will be launching a mentor programme for emerging artists.

A very limited collection coming soon…

Canary Punks is a project also running on Songbird.

Their first collection consists of 5001 NFTs, which has already passed the $1 million SGB mark in volume on Sparkles, a marketplace on Songbird.

A second collection, Flare Punks, has already been announced. These are extremely limited to only 1000 NFTs.

In our collection, we have 5 NFTs with the GoldAlien, one of the most sought-after punks, representing 48 CGLD.

CGLD is the token of the Canary Punks.

The XRBEE project has several collections on Songbird. One of our highlights is the Pixel Bee.

An upcoming collection will be a kind of art gallery that will present different Songbird projects on Flare. We are very excited to have a dedicated canvas just for the CitCats.

A honey scoop and a honey pot represent 750 HS, which we are happy to pass on.

HS is the token of the XRBee Project.

XDragonites is the first project we are working with that comes from a different blockchain, the XRPLedger.

XDragonites are developing a play2earn NFT game that is currently in beta but can already be played. We are proud to say that the CitCatClub will be featured in the game. Players will be able to wear a “CitCat skin” in the game.

We were also able to secure a good number of tokens for our community. Each X-Ray is equivalent to 10,000 DBX.


Things are being worked on behind the scenes.

You can be curious about what’s to come.

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